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You And Me And The Space That Will Come Between Us... on Mamalode


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Your flip flop flies past me from the back of the car, bouncing off the dashboard and onto the car floor. I keep my eyes focused on the road. You are emptying yourself now into the space that is between us. Filling it with all of your 8-year old frustration and fear. I do my best to console and calm you as we drive home. We are both so tired.

The first time I put you into my car, I tucked all four pounds of you into a rear facing car seat and crept along the road with great caution and care, looking to protect you from all the dangers I could not see.

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Fixer Upper Inspired Fairy Garden Fun

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 1.07.50 PM
My daughter Zoe's birthday arrives with the warm weather season, so I am always looking for creative ways to bring the fun outside in the sun. Since Joanna Gaines farmhouse style is so popular now, garden accents are easily found as home decor accessories and many craft stores are even carrying Fairy Garden collections that are perfect for an easy weekend hands-on garden project.

I chose to create a patio garden that is easy to reach, and fun to maintain, filling it with fun, pink treasures, boxes of glitter, a waterfall and pond, animal statuaries and fairies that would interest Zoe. Flowers will be the finishing touch in this garden, to be added around the border, but we will do that together next week. For now, check out her fun fairy garden!



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