A Mother's Day Letter For A Special Needs Mom

The Best Reads To Help You Reset This Summer



My Heart Can't Even Believe It: A Story of Science, Love and Down Syndrome by Amy Silverman, Journalist, blogger, NPR Contributor, and friend.  

Why I wanted this book: It is rare that I get to spend quality time with a mom who" gets it ". On this journey of parenting, there are moments of grace, wonder, shame, and moments of inspiration  I just knew Amy would hold nothing back.

How did this book make me feel?  This book made me feel connected and left me nodding my head in agreement, a lot. I have lived the anguish of doctors offices and waiting rooms felt the same frustrations and celebrated the same tiny moment celebrations. This book left me feeling renewed and connected like I would after a long chat with a best friend. I am hopeful, encouraged and believe more than ever that persistence is vital and necessary and we all can make a change. 

My favorite parts of this book: I loved the theme of constant vulnerability... From the first chapter... " How was Sophie going to fit into the world? Not just my world and our family's world, but society in general? and later on when she wrote  " I knew I was supposed to fit into this new role as a parent to a kid with a disability, but I didn't know how to do that. Those moms were harried but tender, stoic, and knowledgeable.... " 

My investment in this book was.. well spent. And here I mean the more precious value of time. Being immersed in Amy's story is a place I will want to go to, again and again, knowing I will feel inspired, encouraged and as if I really belong.

Present Over Perfect; Leaving Behind Frantic For A Simpler , More Soulful Way of Living  by Shauna Niequist

Why I wanted this book: Who doesn't need more simple or soulful moments in their life?  More time, more peace, more joy? Sign me up.

How did this book make me feel? It began with gentle taunting. From my desk ( Awesome! New book to read) to the dresser ( remember to read soon) finally landing on my nightstand ( the " am reading" stack) and finished poolside on a family staycation. Reading this here and there filled me with content and validation. Feeling better about the way I savor family-only time, less guilty about the way I say no, and stronger about decisions I  make on behalf of my daughter, wanting her to live a balanced, happy life. This book left me feeling secure about the choices I make now and the choices I will make in the future. Reading this book was like taking a nap on a weekend. Necessary, justifiable and refreshing, when I finished this book I felt energized.  

My favorite parts of this book: The connection I felt to the author throughout this book. Beginning with .. " I fake-rested instead of real-rested ... It feels ludicrous to be a grown woman, a mother, still learning how to rest. But here I am, baby-stepping to learn something kids know intuitively." And from the chapter called Tunnels, " I've always had a crazy brain- a mind that runs and spins, that remembers obscure details and whirs in the middle of the night" something I can totally relate to. But it was this that left my heart full " People matter more to me than ever... Giving more focused time to the people I love... deeply connected. But people -as in What People Think, that nameless, faceless swamp of opinions- has less to say to me now than it ever has. And the freedom of that is astounding." 

My investment in this book was.. totally well-spent x2. I have the audio version from audible.com to listen to in the car and at home in the kitchen. It is a great listen when I need some reinforcement to slow down. The book itself still rests on my nightstand, a nightly reminder to refocus when needed.