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The Best Gifts


The Best Gifts

I am a lucky, lucky girl. ( okay , no longer a girl.. but anyway..,) I have been blessed with the best gifts…

The Gift of Music. I admit that I lost track of how uplifting a good tune can be.

I know every Barney song, Disney princess melody and yet could not tell you what is playing on radio stations today or what my favorite artists have released in the last 5 years. Until my recent birthday, when my husband, love of my life , gave me an iPod.

I spent the first night dancing through my kitchen and falling asleep with my earpod’s in. ( sorry, honey…..) I have rediscovered the soulful therapy of music.

A Love Letter. It had been a long time, and this unexpected, no occasion love letter clearly proclaimed my value as a partner, wife and mother. The latter , something we Mom’s second guess every day.

The Gift of Family.  This year we celebrated Zoe’s 3rd birthday early with a family & friends affair .. ( see Zoe & Grandma above). The kids had a wonderful time- Their excitement,enthusiasm and affection were thrilling!

Fresh Flowers . The last time a floral delivery arrived at my doorstep, I was crushed to discover it was a delivery for my neighbor. This time the beautiful pink roses were just for me!

Good Health. No hospitals for Zoe in 2005. No infections for Olivia. Life is good.

And last but not least…

Good Coffee.. I admit , I’m addicted. And thanks to some generous friends I have 3 Starbucks cards to choose from. Here comes another Hazelnut Latte. Just what every sleep deprived Mom needs…

I am blessed!!!