6 Scenes from 7 Days- Airport Kisses

Happy Mother's Day... A letter from your husband

This "letter" is a Mother's Day surprise..........YOU are much more than just the Love of my Life. You are a Mother. You say and do without question, you love and share without condition, you seldom rest even when weary. You are the light in our eyes, the warmth in our hearts and the wind in our sails. Olivia and Zoe will grow to admire you for everything that you have done for them. They will look to you for continued strength and wisdom and that smile which acknowledges their accomplishments. Your spirit will be renewed as you continue to love and cherish these "gifts" that God has blessed us with. Your faith in HIM will continue to provide you strength and wisdom. My love for you, "MOM", will be forever yours. WE love you, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.