Changed by a Child
Mothering & Missed Milestones

Writing These Stories

Night after night, I found myself standing before my large bookcase. I was searching for the right book. I have an extensive collection of noteworthy resource and educational books on the issues that affect Zoe.. Understanding the Special Needs Child, books about Epilepsy, Neuromuscular disease, sensory disorders, inclusive education, behavioral and cognitive issues. All of these books were helpful. They helped quench my thirst for knowledge and build my confidence. They taught me many different things about helping my child. Very few of these books were heartfelt, and none of them really made me feel less alone.

I found myself re-reading the forward and introduction to these books. I was even scanning the bio on the book jacket, looking for clues about the author. I was eager to find someone like me. Few of these books addressed my emotional needs. The desire to feel understood, less alone. The feelings of separation that a special needs mom might feel in a circle of typical moms. I was craving the common bond- with another mom, living a similar life.

Across the country right now, there are women discussing the subject of motherhood. They are connecting with this common bond. In the produce aisle at the grocery store, in the waiting room at a pediatrician’s office, at the hair salon.

They are experiencing feelings of affirmation, understanding even comfort if it is warranted.

Initiating a casual conversation about my daughter’s special needs is not easy. Finding someone who understands our life even more difficult. After a long day, in the dark of night and in the privacy of my own home- I was looking at my own bookcase searching for this type of solace.

This led me to write these stories, confident that other mothers would appreciate the words of understanding. That late at night, after a long day, these stories would comfort, and inspire and help these other special needs moms feel less alone.