How I wish..
Seriously..I .uh… Googled it.

Spring Break Staycation

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It’s Spring Break, and while others are scooping up recession result vacation deals and leaving sunny Scottsdale behind- we are at home, enjoying the comforts and taking care of business.

Usually I protect the kids vacation time. Even if we stay home, we make each day a holiday -with fun out of the ordinary stuff. This break however, we needed to catch up with a variety of annual check-ups, a therapy appt, and other miscellaneous health care appointments. The girls have missed a lot of school lately, and I couldn’t justify not taking advantage of their open schedule. So in between, we steal our moments.

Time spent in the backyard- new sand & toys in the sandbox! Croquet golf on the freshly cut grass,chalk drawings on the side patio, enjoying bottle after bottle of new bubbles! Chocolate ice cream in pink and green cones. new pet Betta fish- ( Daisy & Sparky!) A trip to our local Build-A-Bear store , spring sprinkle donuts, a leisurely visit to our local library- with Zoe getting her first library card and proudly writing her name on the back, then sitting in her power chair “self- checking “out all of her books and mine. “ No, I am going to do it myself!” She told the nice library aide.  Washing the dog and getting soaked in the process.. well you get the point.. good clean family fun.

 And in the midst of all the normalcy, I try not to focus on the scraps of soberly spoken statements from the doc's we have seen.. " It may take a year or more for her (O) pre-ulcerous stomach to heal .. It could be an uphill battle with her body producing excess acid from the mitochondrial disease." .. The referral from Zoe's primary peds to a new local neuro.. " the subtle symptoms could be seizure related" our agreement.. to wait and watch. Late today will be in-depth eye exams for both girls. With Zoe's progressive retinopathy and prognosis for continued vision loss, and O's related risks.. This isn't an everyday check up. It is a day spent holding my breath until the exam is over, and we know better where we stand .. for now.

Today will be a day spent soaking in all of the happiness today has to hold- Lunch on the patio, time spent in the backyard, board games at the kitchen table, elaborate art projects with bead bracelet making, the girls mimicking American Idol , Zoe one handed in her walker while her other hand clutches a pink Barbie microphone, O- her face full of joy bouncing around  to the beat of the music, smiling , she is full of energy today.

Life is what you make it. Every minute, every day. And for now, I can’t think of all the what if’s. There are just too many that come with mitochondrial disease .