See Me Cry Everywhere..
Being a Special Needs Mom

I confess..

...there are lots of different types of people who read my  blog . Over 15,000 visitors in it's lifetime, There are moms of special needs kids who have followed ,or found me in blogosphere,  There are people who know me, from all different places and walks of life ( My past life as  a  tough, aggressive, workaholic,  group publisher, at a publishing company for 15 years pre-children, still haunting me.. ( new friends from the American Adoption Congress keynote last year.. ) .

And often when I sit down to write ( projects in the work!) I think.. uh, don't want to post that.. I will sound like I am ... weird, whining, waxing philosphic, .. whatever. It's called blog fright, worrying what people may think.But guess what.. I am done. Life is what it is .And this is TOO GOOD to pass up. .

In the special needs community, there are certain stories, poems, cliches and sayings.. one of which , has been said to me many times.. "God (or Life, depending on your religious views..)only sends us challenges we can handle. ) This has been said to me , written, hallmarked, etc. But today.. Today it was my flippin' horoscope.. beginning with " If you feel as if you're under pressure..." Remember, Life only sends us challenges we can handle.In black and white, calling out to my Aries self.

Under pressure. Hmmm. I have pneumonia. Short of breath, tired. Kids are three weeks past their H1 virus, but Zoe is still run down, and tired. O is okay, excluding the fact that a concern over her enlarged thyroid and blood sugar levels is sending us for labs Wednesday. I Have a list of 3 other specialist appts. they are needing due to other concerns.. My list of things to do to long, my list of things I want to do, untouched. And Last night , I was up 6 times between midnight and 5 am. I am accustomed to 3 times per night, no problem. Sleep really is overrated people.. but 6 times?  Snacks, and milk are necessary due to the metabolic component, a couple bathroom runs, and there you have it! Time flies when you are having fun!

I have some writing projects pending. Marketing opportunities pending. Domestic duties that should be completed.. PENDING! and so much I want, need , HAVE TO DO..

So, I pick and choose, and do the best I can to make sure we  live a quality life. I cut myself some slack remembering I am not perfect. Mostly, I remember that in my heart it's God that makes it happen, and those challenges- presented to my overly capable self? If you look closely, those complex.. challenges.. are really are just blessings, -- blessings that make life so much richer.