Little Girl Shoes and A Mother's Heart
Words Left Unspoken

Magic Marker Monday

IMG_0162  At 5 Minutes for Special Needs today is Magic Marker Monday. Here is a great sample of Zoe's art, this was done on a 5x7 piece of paper, which allows her to finish her picture, and fill the page, without becoming too tired before she has completed the project. In Zoe's drawings, all of her "people" have " happy arms" and long, long legs. Sometimes I wonder if there is a hidden meaning behind the way she draws them... or is that just a mother's heart aching a bit? As always, I will enjoy the happy face and smile.

Like any good mom, I have to share O's art too. IMG_0163 this is one of my favorites. She has always had a natural talent for free form art.  My kids have had their own desk with fully stocked art supplies since they were toddlers. What joy!