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Silent and Stunned.

So here we sat, Olivia and I , side by side on the couch .It was almost 6 am and I was gulping down coffee and helping her do some last minute study for her Science test... the functions of the cerebellum, the nervous system and the role of the brain. The timing seemed right to explain again how much of  Zoe’s cerebellum was missing and how that affected her balance, and motor function, Zoe’s epilepsy and how her episodes of dizziness are most likely seizures. We talked about the differences in Zoe’s brain and Olivia seemed to really understand. It made sense, her book open on her lap , the scientific explanation there in black and white.  

We finished our review and I sat watching O’s still sleepy face in the early morning light, admiring her beauty, amazed by her intelligence, her ability to empathize and understand her sisters challenges in a different, newly mature way.. “ But one last thing Mom,” O said. Laying out the words that would tell me that although Olivia may have analyzed and acknowledged the definitions of the words she heard, her heart simply would not let her understand.. “ Zoe won’t need her walker or her wheelchair forever will she? Her muscles will get stronger, when she grows up. Right?”  

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