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Keeping Your Head Above Water

I am not sure when it was exactly, that I stopped planning ahead. It could have been when Zoe was little and ill all the time. Maybe when her big sister Olivia was still catching every virus too- but somewhere along the years with appointments, kids school stuff, daily care and flu seasons- and trying to work from home- I stopped looking ahead on my calendar and started my focus of just keeping my head above water. One day at a time.

Sometime after that, I gave up the guilt  too. Feeling remiss about the appointments I had to reschedule, the lunches I could never follow through with , the birthdays I missed, the social calls I could not return. There isn’t enough room in my head to stuff guilt in there too- it’s already full of worry, constant care reminders, health stuff and detailed plot plans for tomorrow on how to be more productive, more efficient and to have a better day. A long while ago I gave up pedicures, dinners out, date night or hobbies- I am good intentioned, but it’s tough. And I still feel bad- but mostly I have accepted the idea that I am probably misunderstood. That others just “ don’t get it”.

I think a lot about how to apologize and explain. Continue Reading  This Post at 5 Minutes for Special