The Value in Life
To The Author of The Anonymous Note Left On My Car Window

Ordinary Acts, Extraordinary Love

My girls have been in school a few weeks now, settling in- despite the challenges- two weeks of record Arizona heat, new classrooms, new schedules and the same old pressure to eat snack, eat lunch, drink water and do their best work.  Two different schools, two different nurses offices’ stocked with medicine and strategically planned driving routes to include both schools and a quick commute to / from work. We are all doing the best we can, and achieving more than we even realize.  

We have set routines, schedules and some pre-packing we do the night before; lunch boxes, snacks and backpacks. This allows me the much needed luxury of drinking serious amounts of coffee each morning, while I navigate my normal morning “ Mom” jobs.  

I have watched in awe each morning as O works through her anxiety and jumps out of the car, moving as if she is in flight, streaking past the slow kids on the sidewalk, excited to start her day.

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