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What I'm Taking To BlogHer 2013.. Part 1

When we found out that I was chosen as a 2013 BlogHer Voice Of The Year Honoree.. my very cool husband insisted I attend the conference. It took awhile for the plan to sink in.. but it all worked out. A red eye flight from Phx to Chicago, and I would arrive in time to spend all day Friday and fly home Saturday. 

Of course, the girl in me got thinking.. " What am I going to wear? " For years and years, my world was all about trade shows, conferences and convention centers, so it was kinda cool to think about the fact that who I am today, no longer requires a suit and leather briefcase. Today, I am much more casual and comfortable with myself. Happy in clothes that are soft, feminine and sometimes.. meaningful. For Christmas, I got some cool gifts from my favorite store.. Anthropologie


There isn't anything in this store that I don't LOVE. The window displays are always inspiring, as are the homegoods. I mean look at these BOOKS, BOOKS BOOKS! My most treasured clothes come from Anthropologie, and for this special occasion.. I wanted to wear something that was special but authentically me.. and look what I found...this Daydreamer Tee featuring a vintage typewriter.  

So then I got to thinking that Anthropologie isn't just a cool store.  it is a creative experience,  an inspiring place, and wouldn't it be cool to share some of the awesome pieces they have that are perfect for Blogher 2013 ? 

Packed for BlogHer! Pictured above, All from Anthropologie 1) Soft, feminine and fitted, this  Waist-Weave Tee will be comfortable and perfect paired with a long locket or scarf, for comfort by day I will add my faithful Converse and the Level 99 Newport Wide-Leg Jeans, shown above left. 2)I am in love with this Black Antero Leather Tote , I will carry each day -which features an inside zip pocket and ample space for my Ipad, notebook, and other carry-on essentials to take me from conference sessions to the Expo floor. To keep me on track 3) this Three-Hole Punch Watch provides classic style . For night, and the VOTY Keynote and Reception, I plan on slipping on these 4)  Oishii Suede Flatforms  which aren't just cute, but super comfortable too and they look great with the almost black Level 99 Dahlia Jeans.  I will be easy to find in a crowd as well,  because with these beautiful shoes I probably am 6'2 ! As I showed my fellow bloggers here, this 5)  Daydreamer Tee  designed just for me, I am sure- kinda shouts out what I am passionate about! Planning on wearing this to complete my outfit for Friday night.   For more  online creative inspiration, follow the Anthropologie blog and Anthropologie on Pinterest. 

For a long time before Anthropologie agreed to sponsor this post, I have been a loyal customer, choosing to spend my own money on their awesome products, I have spent long hours drooling over, pinning and appreciating their inspiring designs. Be assured, the opinions shared here are my own.