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The Year To Tell My Story



My first post for Scary Mommy is a true story about the normalcy I wanted on a sunny day at the park with my kids. Instead it turned into something else. The most interesting thing about sharing this story on Scary Mommy, was the feedback and suggestion that maybe I was being a bit judgemental and displaying preconceived notions of my own. This is just another example of how being vulnerable, makes you grow, think and think a little more. 

The story starts like this.. 

The Golden Hair Girl In The Princess Tower

I have always been the nice mom in the neighborhood, comforting the upset kid waiting alone at school pickup, worrying about the preschooler cruising the grocery store aisle, until yesterday, when I told the golden haired little girl at the park to go away. It was a warm beautiful day, and I was intent on making some memories. Head on over here to read the rest.. please comment, tweet and share the love while you are there...

The Year To Tell My Story

In the quiet between Christmas and New Years, reflecting on what I wanted from the New Year, I made a silent promise to myself. To write more, share more, to be vulnerable and tell my story. My parenting perspective is eternally optimistic, and as I grow older happiness, and niceness have become a higher for me in my everyday life.

I have always been a naturally happy person, even early in the morning.. ( though more so after I have had my coffee) I try to most always be nice, and I desperately want more niceness and kindness in my own life.. That said, I am not perfect. 

I am excited to be writing for other online communities I read and love, including contributing to Huffington Post Parents, Women, Tech & More, BlogHer for all things women,  Moonfrye for my crafty, creative side of life and now Scary Mommy- an awesome, honest community for women. I am especially impressed with the posts on special need parenting found here. Parenting is not always pretty, but pretty doesn't always help us learn and grow, inperfection and messiness, most always does.