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Happy Halloween.. Queen Latifah ..and The Gift Of A Pumpkin

Somebody is smiling because she helped win a cake at the Harvest Festival cake walk! We made a great team and had fun.. like every holiday, celebrations are about what works for your family. Read my Halloween story about The Gift Of A Pumpkin, here at, and my tips for how to find your own Halloween fun. 
I had the pleasure of rubbing elbows with the Queen herself as she inspired the audience at the BlogHer convention this summer. Queen Latifah was emceeing the BlogHer Voice Of The Year celebration, and she did an amazing job honoring the readers at the event, and inspiring bloggers. As an honored Voice Of The Year, I was blown away. On stage, she is an amazing authentic mix of inspiring, uplifting fun! Check out the Halloween page on her show site, read my story and be sure to catch her live daily show soon..

How Motherhood Changes The Texture Of Our Lives


“ I sit and listen to parents and grandparents describe the texture of their days as they sit next to their tiny babies, wiling them to be okay. I recognize the same look in the faces of mother after mother, the fear,-the not-knowing, the worry, the pure exhaustion.” - Ready For Air:  A Journey Through Premature Motherhood by Kate Hopper.

This look Kate Hopper describes, I have worn many times. And so have the mothers I share space with- at hospitals, therapy appointments and doctor’s offices, women that like Kate, unexpectedly find they are dealing with their own illness, a premature birth and life in the NICU; a “ boot camp” that teaches parents how to behave, hope and how to survive, prepared and strong to parent children with significant medical issues and special needs.

 Reading Kate’s story, I spent a weekend immersed; feeling her pain, her fear, and frustration. I was there in the hospital with her, focused on the monitors and hoping for her happy outcome while reliving my own experiences. 

 Like Kate, my world changed after a scheduled OB follow up when I was pregnant with  my first daughter, Olivia. I entered the doctor’s office that day exhilarated, still in obsessive-like gushing love with my unborn baby and my honeymoon-like newly married life. 

 I left that appointment a mother, my hands shaking and protectively clutching the curve of my stomach, my heart stretched by truth and risks and fears with the doctor’s diagnosis of a dangerous complete placenta previa. Like Kate, my diagnosis forced me to slow down and to choose motherhood over my career.

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