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Special Needs Mom: A Note Of Thanksgiving



I sat down today with pen and paper, to reflect and record what I am truly thankful for this Thanksgiving. Most of my notes I email; notes to the teacher, quick questions to the doctor, reminders to my husband, even fun notes to my girls.

Maybe it is the absence of handwritten notes today that generates such emotion and contributes to the viral fame with notes of shame left on restaurant receipts, anonymous notes left in the neighbor's mailbox or on car windows. In honor of the holiday season, and in effort to spread some holiday cheer, here is my note of Thanksgiving.

All That I Am Thankful For Today:

For Wisdom: That I have finally accepted the value of taking care of me. That by dedicating time for soulful endeavors; my morning walk, cooking a fresh, healthy meal for myself, or even sitting in the sun to read a book- will make me stronger.

For Hope And The Inexact Science Of Medicine. What we know as the applied art of medicine today in practice and treatments, may be discarded tomorrow to make way for new thoughts and technologies. This gives me hope and also means that medical prognoses don't always come true. My daughter Zoe uses all the abnormally developed parts of her brain in the most amazing ways, to daily defy medical expectation.It also means that medicine can be whatever helps and heals- including the beliefs in your heart and the love you receive.

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