Giving Thanks: Delight
Tomorrow I Will Be Present.


I used to run right by it, before I was a Mom. Simplicity, the beauty of the simple things in the moment.

My standard pace was more of an easy run than a walk, easy to achieve with long legs that allow for leaping steps. And sometimes when my husband and I are out alone ( a sitter at home with the kids, the clock ticking) I return to this habit, when it is just he and I ."  Slow down " he tells me. " We aren't in a hurry"  he reminds me.

When Zoe began her preschool years, we started taking her walker everywhere and I learned not to ever hurry, it was unfair to rush her, so I learned to slow down even more to her speed. I would call out the flowers on the path as we passed them by, I learned to  listen to the songs of the birds in our desert. 

From our life I have gained perspective, and embraced simplicity.

The simple things, like opening the doors to our patio at Sunday dinner, because finally, the desert is cooling off. 



The simple things, like bringing the family together to give thanks for one thing at a time, one day at a time. 




The simple things, like taking the time to share something special with my teen girl, the nightly exchange of a gratitude journal, sharing a few things we are both thankful for each day. 




One of life's most simple pleasures.. spending time with the people you love.