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This is Your 64, Oh The Places You Have Been!


My prose is not brilliant,
My word choice just fine
Dr. Seuss, he inspired
this poem that rhymes!
A birthday gift of reflection,
A look back to when,
This is Your 64 Bruce,
Oh The Places You’ve Been!


“ Congratulations! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting So.. Get on your way!”
- Excerpt, From Dr. Seuss, Oh The Places You’ll Go.

This Is Your 64, Oh The Places You’ve Been!

When the sun has gone down
And you find time to sit,
You move fast through your years,
Asking..… “ WHAT IF?

From East Coast to West
You have blazed a bright trail,
It’s the WHAT IF’s that haunt you,
Make you ask “ Have I failed?”

You moved first into manhood
When you signed to go serve.
Navy. Vietnam. You answer,
To those with the nerve
To question so boldly the people and places,
The names you recite, unforgettable faces.

In the years that came after
You learned to study and grow.
You made promises to keep
And gave more than you know.
Like the little girl you cared for-
Who gave back to you
The first hint of fatherhood
That later came true.

You wore white shirts with french cuffs, worked on Park Avenue.
You carpooled to the city, ran the marathon too.
You were a critical thinker - before it was cool.
Meant to start your own business
After graduate school.

To a southern woman, and a southern state you were sworn.
WIth a plan and packed boxes,
A new business was born.

Your curious nature
Made you succeed as a boss.
Though your business grew bigger,
There would still be some loss.

To your dear mother
You first said goodbye,
And then to your southern wife
When you asked only “Why?”

You kept on with your work
And to your own self stayed true.
You flew planes just for fun
Swore off love, you were through!

You wrote pages in a journal
After working late into each night,
You kept your passion for flying
With little more in your sight.

You were caught by surprise
When our eyes, they first met,
You were nice and well mannered
A cool distance you kept .

Still you asked for my hand as we leaned in to a dance,
“Divine intervention” You declared our romance.

You conquered each challenge
Fate put in our way.
My life was all work
Before you taught me to play.

Our weekend reunions were what got me through
Until they did not
I had fallen for you.

The time was too plenty
The miles too great,
The days were too many
Our hearts could not wait.

You were strong and decisive
You planned in small detail
You would sell and start over
You left no chance to fail.

Your business, your house
Sold fast with great luck.
You packed it all up,
They loaded the truck.

Your fly rods, your map
In your jeep it all went
A move to the West
The way it was meant.

We made it all legal
You chose to promise again
To love me forever,
Your wife, your best friend.

From scratch you began
Another business anew.
Your smile grew wider-
My body did too.

50 brought fatherhood
For the very first time.
“Daddy, Daddy” she called you,
In your lap she would climb.

At 52, you were ready
For daughter number two,
You fathered with instinct,
As if you already knew.

There were giggles and sniffles
And baby bath kisses.
Our girls filled your heart
Granted all of our wishes.

And then came the day
Understood by so few.
When I called from the Doctor
And you cried for her too.

The years have flown by
Our girls have grown tall
You nurture our dreams
And fufill them all.

So then you turned 60
And said goodbye to your dad
The world was your oyster, yet still
You were sad.

We talked to your dream,
Of motorcycle driving
And I pushed you and pulled you
Brought you out of your hiding

You accepted the risk
With so much to gain
You were young afterall,
When you crashed that bike and that plane.

With a heart still so full
You have lived 64 years.
With love and with loss
No regrets and some tears.

New adventures still await you!
And I can’t wait to see-
What life will unfold
Still together, we’ll be.